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Getting Ready For Valentine's Day (V-Day Prep) | Print On Demand




What is up everybody, thank you so much for joining me today for a quick Valentine's Day prep. I'm doing this in lieu of my normal coffee with Michael sessions that I host once a week, I am going to be doing that again soon. I've had a ton of work done on my house and it just has not been real conducive to a live recording type of environment. So today, I'm going to pre record this video on Valentine's Day prep. And stay tuned because I think you are going to like it.

For those of you that do not know me, my name is Michael Crist. I'm a ShineOn best seller I sold $92,000 in ShineOn product in a single day. I've been with ShineOn full time now since June. And I've been working behind the scenes on all kinds of stuff, bringing new products, doing CRO in the background, finding post purchase up sells, cross sells things like that, and we're gonna get more into that later. I've done tons of that stuff. I've really really enjoyed my time here in ShineOn, I've really enjoyed the seller education side of things too, where I get to talk with you every single week. Also, I've got a very special surprise for you at the end of this video. So stay tuned, you are not going to want to miss it.

Alright, let's talk a little bit about Valentine's Day prep and get my big head out of the way here. As you can see, this is our sales trajectory for Valentine's Day based on subsequent years data. And you can see that the sales really start to pick up right around the middle of January. This year is January 15. Seems like everything on the other side of January 15 really starts to pick up and it really takes off as we get closer to February. So now is a perfect time to start your testing. Valentine's Day is a huge gift giving holiday and especially in the jewelry market. Men are like genetically predisposed to buying jewelry for their significant others. And this is an amazing holiday to take advantage of that. So husbands, fiancés, boyfriends, they will be buying jewelry in droves. You should not waste this, this is going to be one of the best opportunities of the year. If you just missed Q4, you definitely want to jump in the arena now and start your testing. This is the time to start testing like a crazy person.

So what niches work well, for Valentine's Day, the obvious ones are the romance niches. So you can do married people, you can do gifts for the wife, obviously. And then gifts for the husband too, don't leave the men out. There are a few products that work really well in the male gift giving space. And I'm going to show you that here in a couple of slides. So married is a great one, fiance is a great one. And then in a relationship like boyfriend, girlfriend, things like that. Then alternatively, you can also target gifts for daughters, right? So you can target parents who have daughters, and might give them a gift. Daughters is another great niche to take advantage of for Valentine's Day. I know lots of parents, they get their daughter's gift on Valentine's Day. So how do you target these things? Well, it's actually really simple and almost it's common sense. If you want to go after husband wife gift, you would target people that are married, and that are males, right, you automatically will be targeting husbands at that point. If you want to target fiancés again, you go to the interest targeting on Facebook, go to relationship status and choose engaged. Then you can select male or female based on who the gift is for. In relationship, go to relationship status, again, inside of your interest targeting and choose in a relationship to go after people that are boyfriends or girlfriends. Now keep in mind, with our our stuff on ShineOn, you have to do what's called reverse targeting. So if you have a gift, that is for a female, you actually have to target the buyer of the gift to sell it. So if you have a gift for a wife, you have to target the husband who will buy the gift to sell to the wife. And then for the daughter niche. It's also simple. It's your interest layer, choose parents all and then choose male or female based on whether or not you want to target dads or moms. Yes, there is a chance you may target people that only have sons. However, when people have kids, there's a 50/50 chance it's male or female. So you're still getting really, really close in that regard. Now, those are great for top level interests, but you can also layer in secondary interest as well to narrow the audience if you'd like to. I love going broad that's kind of my little forte, but if you want to go deep, more narrow than that, feel free.

All right. Let's talk a little bit about products that do well on Valentine's Day. So I told you that we do have a few products this year that do really well as gifts for men. So the two products I'm thinking of are this artisan crafted cross. This is great as a gift for men, boyfriends, husbands, male fiancés things like that even sons, and then you also have the dog tag right here. And this dog tag is also on the necklace as well so you can sell buyer upload message card dog tag as a gift for men you sell that to women. In addition to that, that kind of wraps it up for the gifts for men, but we also have the love knot key chain. I'm sorry the love knot, you have alluring beauty and double hearts. These are amazing, amazing products in the romance space. Love knot and alluring beauty have sold really, really well for us. Double hearts is taken off faster than any of our other products in the past. These are amazing products to take advantage of right now for Valentine's Day. And then you have interlocking hearts which is this one here in the top right. Interlocking hearts is an amazing gift for the daughter space, the parents to children space specifically for daughters, interlocking hearts does well it's just seems to outperform literally everything else.

All right. Let's talk a little bit more about the buyer outlook message card products down here at the bottom. These come in key chains, bangles and necklaces. I really like the versatility of them. I really like how you can have a message card around them. This bangle is just one of my favorites. I love the layout of the bangle message card. I've sold literally 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of bangles. They're a great alternative to the necklace, especially when people in their newsfeed are just constantly seeing necklaces. That bangle is a kind of a great change up on that, it's fresh in the newsfeed for a lot of people even though it's been around for a number of years. It's a great product to experiment with. Another reason I really liked the bangle is just look at all this real estate on the message card. I just love the way that's laid out there. This is appealed to me from the second I first saw it so definitely test with the bangles. Then you have some key chain items to one of the great things about the key chain items you can typically offer them as a lower price point. So if you have your own Shopify store, adding a key chain item is an in cart up sell or post purchase up sell is a great great way to increase your average order value. So I highly encourage you if you experiment with that if you're running your own Shopify store, and then you have your heart pendant on the necklace, guaranteed this will be a best seller this Valentine's Day. People love this kind of stuff, they can upload a photo of them as a couple husbands can give it to their wives and put a picture of their wedding day. I mean, it's this is a versatile product and is going to sell gangbusters. Oh and I just thought of this as a quick little bonus back to gifts for men. Look at this a dog tag on a key chain. This this would be an easy sell because it's so practical. I mean, a lot of men, they're not gonna wear bangles, they're not gonna wear necklaces. But I would definitely wear a dog tag key chain with a picture of my son or something like that on my keychain. So that's a great, great product as well. So don't overlook gifts for men.

All right, let's talk a little bit about your creative. Remember, it's the phrase that pays, okay, it's the phrase that pays, if they cry, they will buy. Here's how you kind of want to map out your phrase, you want to make sure you use the greeting card format. So to my wife to my boyfriend, to my husband at the bottom of it. You want to make sure you say love your husband, love your boyfriend, love your fiancé, things like that. You want the phrase to move people emotionally, it needs to resonate with people emotionally, it needs to move them. "If they cry they'll buy," that's what I say. You have a greater chance of landing the sale if it moves them emotionally. The other thing I'd like to point out to people is look, you can have the most elaborate phrase in the world. Sorry, most elaborate design in the world. But if your phrase sucks people are not going to buy it, they just aren't going to buy it. However, the flip side is not true. If you have an amazing phrase, the design can be subpar and people will still buy it. The phrase is the most important thing. You should spend 80% of your creative effort on the phrase, it is the phrase that pays.

Let's talk about creatives a little bit, we've got a bunch of creatives, we're going to give away to you for free, you should see them in the post above this video. Make sure you click in there, go scrolling through these. These are great products. I've sold a bunch of these in the past. So these are sellers, you should experiment with them with your products, you can get off to the races right away, you could literally have tests up today. I highly recommend that you check those out.

All right, so Dan Kennedy, who's kind of this marketing extraordinaire. He's a legend in this space. He's a copywriter, he said "the business that can spend the most to acquire customer wins." So I'm gonna say that again, "the business that can spend the most to acquire a customer wins." So to boot that into our language. That means the sellers who can have the highest or order values are going to win. The sellers that have the highest average order values are going to win because that means you're gonna be able to pay more on Facebook to acquire a single customer, you have bigger margins, right. So the reason ShineOn is such an amazing place to be, is because we have lots of up sells we have material up sells. So you can go from white gold to yellow gold, we have engraving up sells, so people can add engraving to the back of the graphic items, and for like an additional $15, right? So you pay once to acquire the customer and then you make more money with the up sells. We also just recently added the luxury box up sell. Luxury box. up sell, this is where somebody is on your product page, they go to add to cart, boom, they get a pop up and we say hey, would you like to upgrade to this luxury box and the box is super nice. It's got a little LED light in it's really cool if you haven't seen that yet. And you can add an additional $15, $20, $25 to your order, just with the box ShineOn brings this to you out of the box.

Now I told you that if you stuck around, I would have a little surprise for you. It is around the corner. So let's get the drum roll we'll go on here in the back of your head. And let's talk for a minute. If you are excited about this new surprise on the next slide, I want you to pause for two seconds, go in like this particular post like this post, that'll make it pop up a little higher in the algorithm. Make sure more people can see it. Keep that drumroll. Okay, good drumroll still going. Now look, I am telling you, I've been so excited to work on some of the up sell, cross sell, type of stuff with ShineOn. I've just been super excited about that. Since I've joined the company, we've really taken our gloves off, we've really dug in and gone after it. And we have something really exciting to announce on the next slide. All right, you guys ready to see it? Let's pop over. Boom, we now have a post purchase up sell, it's not released yet, it's probably coming in the next week or two, assuming all the code and the development checks out. This is coming in a week or two. So now when people come to your product, they're going to get the pop up for the initial up sell, which is a material up sell, an engraving up sell or luxury wooden box up sell. Then, they're going to check out. After checkout, we now have a post purchase up sell. And the first thing we're going to experiment with are these cubic zirconia. earring studs don't get locked into the pricing here, the percent off, that's all variable, we could probably increase that to $15, $20 to really pad that average order value. However, this is another way you've already acquired the customer. They're in buying mode, you've already convinced them to pull out their credit card to purchase your item. They're already in that mind frame and that mindset and you're going to show them another offer right after the checkout. And with literally one little click, they will purchase this. This does not add the item to cart and then they got to go through checkout again. With one little click, it will purchase this item and add it to their order. So this is yet another way to increase your average order values.

Now, I want to talk to you a little bit about ShineOn and where we're going in 2021. If you care about this kind of stuff, if you care about increasing your average order values, if you care about being able to spend more to acquire a customer ShineOn is the place to be in 2021. We have so many cool things. Look, I'm a seller, I love selling on ShineOn, I am so excited for what is coming, it is going to blow your minds, there will not be a competitor in the space that can match the average order values that you're going to be able to get on ShineOn. We are going to fully exhaust the potential of average order value in 2021. We're talking product page up sells one checkbox up sells. In cart up sells. We're talking about post purchase up sells, down sells ,cross sells. We're going to work on getting email flows in there and figuring out the seller attribution for things we sell through email. It is going to be mind blowing, what we're going to bring you in 2021 you are not going to want to miss it. So you need to start testing now, get ready for Valentine's Day. Hop on this train because we are going to new heights this year and you aren't going to want to miss it.

Alright, let's talk about your to do's for Valentine's Day. So there are three actions I want you to take. First, you need to start doing your product research right now. Ideally, you would have started yesterday or last week. The sales are starting to pick up there are transactions happening right now on Facebook as you're watching this video: Cha-ching! Cha-ching! Cha-ching! I want you to hear that Cha-Ching! Imagine that those are transactions happening right now on Facebook while I am blabbing to you. And you're missing out on them, you're missing out on them if you don't have ads up right now. So I want you to start your product research right now. Start it right now. After this video, you need to get on it right away. Secondly, you gotta get your designs created. Don't waste any time on this, do your product research, reach out to the designers start getting designs created today. And third, I want you to launch tests. Now look, you can do all this in a single day. You can do product research, you can get your designs created in Canva or Photoshop and you can literally get some test ads up tonight to launch in the morning. So you can start testing tomorrow to take advantage of this next great selling opportunity. So those are your three actions. Perform your product research, get your designs created and launch some tests. Do not delay.

All right, everybody. I hope you enjoyed this video. Please leave me a comment below. Let me know what you think. Let me know if you're happy for that post purchase item on the previous slide. Ask any questions you have. I'd love to interact with some of you in the comments. Thanks so much for watching, and I hope that you have a great selling season for Valentine's Day. Take care!