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Learn how to protect yourself and customers with Shipping Insurance

Learn how to protect yourself and customers with Shipping Insurance



The 2019 Christmas season for ShineOn and our sellers was amazing. Our sales were through the roof. With high sales came a customer service nightmare, as there were shipping delays with carriers, lost packages, and porch pirates stealing packages.

We had an influx of customers inquiring about lost stolen and even damaged packages, things that we as a company had no control over. We refunded, remade, and reshipped these orders at our own cost because we believe in good customer experience. At the same time, we took a look at the aftermath of a successful season and decided there has to be a solution for this issue we had come across, we can't continue to eat the costs of things out of our control.  

We ended up in a conversation with Route, a shipping insurance company. Route would allow us to add an optional small fee onto our products and Route would then cover the packages after they left our door, and if something went wrong, Route would replace them, at no cost to ShineOn or our sellers.

We launched with Route and instantly saw results, our customer service requests didn't drop, but the way we dealt with them was so much easier. We could either open a claim with Route or direct the customer to Route to file a claim. Route would then go and just place an order through our site for a replacement if the claim was accepted. ShineOn ended up cutting almost 90% of the time spent on tickets like this allowing us to spend time on issues that really needed to be dealt with.

We ended up seeing over 95% of our orders covered by Route and almost every claim has been accepted by Route. Our results were so great we worked with them to create a campaign to spread the word to all of our Shopify App users. Store owners don't want to spend their time doing customer service requests, they want to develop products and run marketing campaigns. ShineOn went ahead and built Route's code into our cart and checkout system so once a store owner signs up for a Route account if they are using our checkout, Route will show up instantly.

Download Route Here

To learn more watch the live video I did with Kyle Rooney of Route: