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Platform Payouts 2021 UI | ShineOn Platform



What's up guys, Matt from Shine on here. And I'm with you today to go through a quick tutorial on how to set up your payment information for payouts on the new platform dashboard user interface. We haven't updated this recently, and it's changed slightly. So here's a video to show you exactly what to do.


First of all, you're going to need to sign on into your platform account. And then you'll be presented with the dashboard, which you can see here. Once you have the dashboard, you need to go to payouts on the left on the menu here, and then click that. Once you're there, this will take you to the payout area. Now if you have had payments before, then they'll show on this screen. If you haven't, then it will be blank. You probably also need to set up your payment information. So to do that, you click the button here and it will take you to the informations area for your payouts. So here we can make payments to you using three different types of account, we can either make a payment to using PayPal or we can use Payoneer or ping pong. What you need to do first is click whichever service it is that you would prefer to receive your payout. In this case, I've got PayPal, then you need to type the email address which you use for that account. So you need to type in your PayPal email address or your Payoneer email address. You type it in and hit enter. Once that's been done, you'll see a little save box pop up there and then that's it, you are done.

So once you've done that, and you can request payouts. To do that you click Request payout here on the right when you have an available balance that's available for payout. Now, bear in mind a few different things. Number one available for power balance his effect is for items which have been shipped. So you may have a pending balance on there for orders which have been queued which have come through but have not yet shipped, you can only arrange a poyout for orders which have been sent. So just bear that in mind. And the other thing is, if this is very important, if you are requesting a payout using Payoneer and it's your first payout, you will need to set this up on your Payoneer account to accept payments from us. You will receive an email from one of our account accounts team with a link that you must follow in order to set it up. If you have not received a payout yet after putting in a request and you're using Payoneer, that's probably why. And if you want any further information about that, please do get in contact with customer support and we'll be able to help you further. But aside from that, guys, it's that simple. Go ahead and do that and get yourselves all set up. And once again, thank you for watching