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Product Templates That Will Blow Your Mind

Product Templates That Will Blow Your Mind



We ran a template creation competition last week on our ShineOn Graphic Design Facebook group. 

We have got a lot of creative design submissions from designers around the world. Thank you very much everyone for posting your creative template designs. 

We selected 1 champion and 2 runner-ups. The winning template will be implemented on our Product mockup for you to test on ads. 

Runner-up 1

Name: Jakaria Abdulla
Facebook URL:



Runner-up 2

Name: Farzana Shormi
Facebook URL:




And here we go, this our winner here. He is the champion for this template competition. His name is Asif Ahmed Apu, you can contact him directly on Facebook by going to his profile here:


Variation 1 

Variation 2

f you want to check all the other contestants' template designs in the competition you may check this link of our Facebook group for designers here:

Check out each image comment on this post and reach out to any designers you want to approach for your next campaign. 



Disclaimer: Designers own the copyrights of their works. ShineOn does not own or justify any of these works' copyright. If you have any complaints about any content, please reach out to us with evidence. We will immediately remove it.