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Scaling Facebook Ads With Winning Products | Print On Demand




Hey, what's up? So the question on this one is, how do I scale a winner?

Now, the answer is easy, but it's not simple. The method I use is one that I pioneered back in 2017. And I use lots and lots of ad sets. I use ads, budget optimization, this works really well for me and it seems to work almost regardless of what Facebook does to change the algorithm. I'm going to try to illustrate how to use this method, but it is very difficult to explain without spending a lot of time on it, which I'm probably not going to be able to do here. But here's kind of how you do it.

So this method works best with, first of all, you need high budgets. So, at least $50 to $100 per ad set. You're going to have at least at least 10 ad sets. The more ad sets you have, the better. So, you need to be willing to spend between $500 and $1,000 a day to get started with this method. Okay?

So there are some prerequisites here, before you launch into this "I am algorithm method." Now, let's get into what this method looks like. So it is, when you're starting out, especially, you're going to have one campaign, right, and this is an ABO campaign. Then, you're going to have at least, and like I said this is just starting out, at least 10 ad sets, okay? with 50 to $100 budgets, okay? Like this. So you're gonna have 10 of these. Now, all you're gonna do is you're gonna launch them all. I launched them all at 5am in the morning, and I watched them very closely, like every 15 minutes or so I'm kind of keeping an eye on these. And what I do is I'm killing my under performers. Okay, I'm just, I'm turning them off. And I'm doing it as early as I can. So as soon as I notice that my view contents, my add to cart, and my purchases are kind of outside of my KPIs for that particular product, I start to turn off my under performers. Okay, I do this very aggressively, very rapidly. Typically, what I'm left with, at the end of the day, I may have started with, you know, 10 products. I'm not going to draw 10. But you'll get the point here. And as I killed the under performers got rid of that one, that one, that one, I'll have you know, these three, let's say that are all winners. And these two stayed alive for me all day. So between those three, if I had $100 budget on the at the ad set level, that'd be $300 spend, right? And let's say I was able to get, you know, cost per purchases of $20. You do the math on that, that's 15 purchases, whatever my profit is, we'll just say $40, I guess to be easy. What is that? 600 bucks, I think. So 40 times 10 is 400 times yet $600 profit for that day, right? Now keep in mind, I'm spending 300 to get 600 out a $20 cost per purchase. The only way this makes sense, though, is if I'm aggressively turning off these campaigns, because all these are going to have some manner of spend on them that are going to eat into this. That's why you have to control these very, very aggressively. The more aggressively you control them, the more you protect the margin on your profit. So I hope that makes sense. And then as I scale, I scale both vertically and horizontally, so I'll go horizontally by doing more ad sets and eventually more campaigns and I go vertically by increasing the budgets every day. So thanks for the question. I hope you found this helpful.