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Setting Up Luxury Box Upsell On The Shopify App



What's up guys, this is Matt from Shine on here with another quick tutorial for you on how to start selling our Luxury Mahogany Box upsell via the Shopify app for your Shopify store. So this is for both existing products that you have and also if you're making a new product. How to set up the mahogany box upsell, it's actually remarkably easy. I'm going to run through it real quick with you today.

So the first thing you need to do, if you are creating a new product, is you will click new products from the ShineOn App dashboard. Now, when you go into this section to our inventory, there will be two entries for the products that have the Luxury Mahogany Box. So first of all, you can just go directly to the regular one if you wanted to. So for example, the interlocking hearts necklace supports the Luxury Mahogany Box upsell. So if you wanted to, you could just go ahead and click that and it will still have the Luxury Mahogany Box available to you. But also if you scroll further down the list, you'll see that we have specifically highlighted all of the products that we offer, which have the ability to add on the Luxury Mahogany Box upsell, which include the Alluring Beauty Interlocking Hearts, and Artisan Crafter Cross, Stethoscope, the Love Knot. So you can if you wanted to also you could choose one of these, either one is going to be the same. So if you choose one of these is still going to be one of these over the one that doesn't have the mahogany box, it's not too late, you don't have to choose this one in particular. As long as you have a product which supports the Luxury Mahogany Box upsell, you can enable it.

Once you say we're creating a new product, we'll go ahead with this one here. And you now need to do the obvious thing, upload your stuff as you would normally do and create a product. So you upload your image, and then here you enter in the details. So I'm just going to put some in details real quick. Choose a niche. Now, here is where you can see the variants. So the Luxury Mahogany Box pops up as a variant similar to the gold versus silver variants for the other products. So what you would do is if you wanted to, you could disable it or enable it, you can move it around, etc. But obviously, we want to sell both. Or if you wanted to, you could turn off the standard box and you could have the mahogany variant be its own products within your store. And you can have entirely separate listings for both products if you wanted to. Otherwise, you can combine them into one listing and you can have the the ability to sell the mahogany box with it. So now that's been done, we're going to go ahead and publish the product. And now it's taken us to the Manage product page within the Shopify app. Now, if you had already created a product, and you want to add on the mahogany box upsell, this is where you would now need to go. So if you've already skipped all the power by making the products, what you would do is you would go to your products within the ShineOn app, just like this. Find the one. And then from here, this is when you can add the Luxury Mahogany Box upsell. And the way that you do that is by going add and remove variants at the bottom. And if you don't have the mahogany box on there, it should pop up with a pop up that says Add mahogany box. So you can go ahead and get that on there. This is also the place where you can reorder the images. So if you wanted to make the mahogany box front and center you can move that one as the main image if you wanted to. Or you could remove the standard box images altogether, that sort of stuff. You know how to customize those. But once you've done that, it's just a simple case of just making sure it's all saved and updated. And the mahogany box will now be available for your customers on the product page. And guys, that's all I've got time for to show you this time. Thank you for watching.