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ShineOn - Conversion Rate Optimization

ShineOn - Conversion Rate Optimization

Let’s be honest, most of you are great at marketing and delivering traffic to your products. Once you find a successful method, you ramp it up and send ever-increasing traffic to get more conversions. However there are other methods to get more conversions out of your traffic, but they can be harder to find and optimize. 

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) involves doing a deep analysis of every aspect of the customer experience journey, from the first click to order confirmation. 

Analysis includes looking at page layout, colors, copy, page load speed, amount of clicks, and many other factors. You do this through tools like session recording, click tracking, eye tracking, mouse tracking, scroll tracking, and others. You aren’t done yet, now you have to analyze the data and make changes, then do tests on those changes. 

CRO testing


CRO is a time-consuming process that never ends, it involves working with developers, designers, and data analysts. CRO can be daunting for many eCommerce retailers and ends up on the back-burner.  

This is why ShineOn has partnered with one of the industry leaders in CRO. We work continuously to analyze our ShinOn product pages and checkout system to make it one of the highest converting systems. We want to be transparent about the optimizations that we are doing. Sharing the changes that we make to our pages. Finding out if the changes we are making are working for you and your products.

With each test, we experiment with different features and sections of our conversion funnel and use different KPIs to track successes. For example, when running experiments on our product page, we are looking to raise the “add to cart” percentages. When testing our Checkout process, we are looking at how many bounces we have from the checkout process.

The take-away from this post is to explain why ShineOn is the best partner for you, we are more than just a platform or a manufacturer. We are actively working hard to improve every part of our processes to help make you more successful. We want to be more than a sales tool, we want to be your partner.