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ShineOn Custom Domains | How To Submit Your Custom Domain To The ShineOn Platform



John from ShineOn here, and if you're watching this video, you're probably on the step where you're about to submit your domain to the ShineOn platform, so you can get set up using it and driving traffic to it. Now what I want to go ahead and do is jump straight over into the platform and take you through step by step, what you need to do and what you should expect for the entire process to get completed.

All right, here we are at the shine on platform and when you log in, what you're going to notice is over on this left hand navigation, you're going to see a new section called domains with a little red exclamation point saying you need to set up a domain. So when you come in here, we'll talk a bit about Apple iOS 14, and things we're doing. But the main thing is this new brand domain section. Now if you do not have a domain ready, you can go to this register new domain, and it will allow you to go out and actually purchase a domain. If you've already purchased a domain, you can come here and type in the URL and hit Enter. And hit Continue actually.

What you're going to need to do now is set up your company name, this is what's going to create the logo on your actual product pages. So go ahead and put this and you can add in a link to a Facebook page, you can put your default pixel for this site. And you can put a default GA for this site. Those are both optional, you can also control those on the product level.

Now once you've done that, it is going to take you to this page. And this is going to seem very daunting. However, this is all about how to point your DNS settings for the your URL. And the best part is, watch this video right here. This video is a step by step walkthrough of how to exactly set up your DNS settings so that all of this stuff will work. Once you have watched that video and done those settings, you will be all set on this point. And you can put my DNS has been updated. And what you'll get is this message fantastic. It's all set up as far as you can go. The next steps are actually on us and our internal team that is working to add your domain into the backend of Shopify. So once your domain is actually fully added in by our team, you will see in your UI that this is a fully checked off verified and set up domain and you'll be ready to use at this point.

When we go here, it's actually going to say pending DNS verification. Once we have added it, it will say verified. So just look for that it should take less than 24 hours and we are hoping to be able to send you an email that tells you that it has been verified.