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The Benefits of The ShineOn App and Platform

The Benefits of The ShineOn App and Platform



As many of you know ShineOn started its life as a Shopify App, allowing sellers to add our jewelry to their stores. Then in 2019, we introduced the ShineOn Platform allowing sellers to create products and publish products to and drive traffic there. Eliminating the need for a Shopify store was a huge benefit for many sellers.

We have found that many of our sellers are either using the Shopify App or the Platform, while only a few of our top sellers are using both together. You may ask why you would need to do both and what are the benefits?

Many sellers have spent a lot of time building their stores and their brands, allowing them to target specific audiences and build trust with them. They are able to build successful products within this niche and market them to their customers. By using the App on their store they are able to control the customer service and do their own retargeting.

These sellers can be super successful in the world of eCommerce which means they can see trends that can be happening all over. In order to act these trends, there isn’t always time to build a new store and build an audience. That’s why they use the platform, it allows them to act on quick trends that don’t match up with their store’s niche.

By selling quick products on the ShineOn Platform, they know they are going to get great conversion rates with our product pages, top of the line remarketing and customer service to ensure a great sales process.

The ability for sellers to be nimble is something that sets ShineOn apart from other POD platforms. Now, this tactic might not be for everyone, but it something we are seeing more and more sellers do.