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  • Made in USA

Archangel Haniel Heart Necklace

  • Unique, one-of-a-kind gift
  • NOT SOLD in stores
  • Ships from USA


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  • Bestseller
  • Made in USA

Archangel Haniel Heart Necklace

  • Unique, one-of-a-kind gift
  • NOT SOLD in stores
  • Ships from USA


You Save: $15 (27%)

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This Lovingly hand-crafted pendant is a unique work of art and sure to keep your Angel close. Wear it, display it, or simply keep it nearby so you can always have your Archangel charm act as a powerful talisman or guide for:



Haniel’s name means “Grace of God” and this presence helps us to return to our True State of Being. Haniel’s energy helps us to realign with our true and natural state of grace and to return to the integrity of our divine-self. Associated with the planet and energy of Venus.

Color: Pale blue

Crystal or Gemstone: Moonstone

Astrological Sign - Overseer of all

Chakra: Sacral, heart and third eye

Affirmation: Thank you Archangel Haniel for gracefully assisting me in accepting my life and others (details).

Assists With:

  • Joy, truth, beauty, integrity, and grace
  • Find fulfilment from within
  • Clairvoyance and intuition
  • Helps women in their monthly cycle
  • Friendships and romantic love
  • Enhance artistic endeavors
  • Balance and healing
  • Facilitate physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing

Life Purpose:

  • Moon energy and manifestation during a full moon.
  • Heightened intuition and clairvoyance Invoke for a job interview, attending meetings or any time you want to be extra articulate and graceful

All More Than Charms products are digitally designed by talented artist Natalie Clarke. Make this unique product yours today.

This Best-seller and We Guarantee It Will Exceed Your Highest Expectations!

➜ Our patent-pending jewellery is made of high quality .316 surgical steel with a shatterproof liquid glass coating and 18k yellow gold finish option.

➜ Our jewellery is hand-made in the U.S.A by awesome working moms just like yours! We hire and train working mothers and pay a living wage. We are proud to support strong communities and keep jobs in America!

This Jewellery Item Is the Perfect Keepsake! Whether for Yourself or a Loved One.

➜ If the custom engraving option is available, engrave onto the back of the pendant your loved one's name, your wedding date, an anniversary, or anything else you want to remember and keep you close to their heart. Each personalised piece offers exceptional craftsmanship that is fit to be an instant classic in your family.

We Offer a 100% Happiness Guarantee

➜ If you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase for any reason, please contact us and we will make it right. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Product Dimensions

➜ Luxury Necklace: 18-22" (45-56cm) adjustable

➜ Heart Pendant: 24mm x 24mm

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